Greg in Nepal

This is where I can add some more detail as to what I will actually be doing in Nepal.

Firstly, some background.  Nepal is a very diverse country in terms of both landscapes and cultures.  From my perspective, more than 90% of the 29.3 million Nepalese people are involved with various aspects of food production, and they do this in climates that range from tropical (along the southern border) to northern temperate (higher in the mountains).   Crops range from banana to wheat, and they all have a range of diseases, insects and other stresses.

My position will be working with the Nepal Agriculture Cooperative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCFL), which is an umbrella organization of several agricultural cooperatives focused on helping small farmers in Nepal.  I will be working primarily in the central neighborhoods of Kathmandu, a city at an elevation of approximately 1,400 metres (4,600 ft) and a population of approx. 1 million people.

While there, my work will focus on a review and identification of disease and pest management practices.

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